About PornoUploads.com

pornouploads.com is a free image and video hosting provider. We offer free image and video hosting for all your content and even give you points just for using the site, which can in-turn be used to get free memberships on any adult website or gift vouchers for sex toys on K1nky.com

Earning points with PornoUploads.com?

Earning points with pornouploads.com is easy! Register on the site and just start using it, it’s as simple as that! You’ll start earning points immediately just using the site. Please see our points section, where you can read more about how to earn points and how much you’ll earn for each activity.

What is the maximum allowed filesize?

The current maximum allowed filesize is 200mb for video and 24mb per image/gif.

My upload has failed, why?

Many things can cause this. Your internet connection may have been briefly interrupted by your ISP and caused the upload to fail. Try again, if it fails again, get in contact and we’ll try and get the problem sorted for you.

What file types are supported?

Currently we allow the following filetypes: jpg, jpeg, gif, png for images and mp4, m4v, wmv, mov, avi, mpg, 3gp and 3g2.

How long will my files be available?

Files are kept on the server indefinitely.

How do I delete a file I’ve uploaded?

Get in contact with us and we can remove files, we’ll only remove content uploaded by the user or through DMCA notice.

Why has my file been removed?

Your file may have been removed due to being in breach of the Terms of Service. We’re legally obligated to remove any files that violate our Terms of Service.

Are there any restrictions on what I can upload?

You are free to upload any file that is in compliance with our Terms of Service.

Can I upload galleries?

Yes, you can upload image galleries, just select “Gallery” after clicking upload, you can drag and drop or just select all the files you want to upload.

Do you have RSS Feeds?

Yes, you can grab the latest uploaded files here: https://pornouploads.com/feed/

How can I report files?

Please use the “inappropriate” button to report a single image. If you need to report a complete gallery please use the contact form with a link (URL) to the gallery. Please explain why exactly the file is violating our Terms of Service and we’ll take a look.