rewards it’s users just for using the site, just by using the site you can earn points for all your usual activities and help promoting the site!

Once you’ve reached certain milestones in points, you can use them to gain free memberships with any* adult website or use them for money-off vouchers against sex toys on

You can start earning points today, view a complete list below of how you can earn points:

Simple Activities:

  • Registering: 10 points
  • Daily visit: 1 point
  • Login: 1 point / per day
  • View image / GIF / gallery: 1 point
  • Watch a video: 1 point
  • Comment: 1 point
  • Someone views your uploaded content: 1 point
  • Someone comments on your content and you reply: 1 point

More Advanced Activities:

  • Upload content (image/video): 5 points (must be published)
  • Upload content (gallery): 10 points (must be published)
  • Upload avatar: 1 point
  • Upload profile cover: 1 point
  • New friendship: 1 point
  • Vote: 1 point
  • React to content: 1 point
  • Social Share: 2 points

Deducted Points:

  • SPAM comment: -5 points!
  • Trashed comment: -1 point!
  • End friendship: -1 point
  • Any content removed: -10 points! Girl

Want to become a girl? You’ll get 3000 points for doing so! That’s an instant reward with!!

Take a picture of yourself at least partially nude with “” (check your spelling!) written somewhere on your body. The writing must be on skin! Holding up signs does not count!

The picture must be at least 400 pixels wide, and it should be pretty clear. We don’t want barely visible, low-quality photos!

Add an avatar and spruce up your profile… We don’t want to link a girl pic to an empty profile!

  • You must be a registered member!
  • You must be 18 years old or older!
  • You must agree to our Terms of Use when uploading.

Upload your photo now if you’re ready to be a girl!


Quick & Easy Points Tip

As you can see you’re rewarded for uploading quality content to the site, sharing and promoting your uploads so that you gain more view on your content, the more views the points you earn for doing absolutely nothing!

Social-share content and gain further points from new users, it becomes a snowball effect for you and before you know it, you’ve got access to lots of new paysites and discount vouchers for sex toys at


Badges & Ranks

For bragging rights and to reward users of the site, you’ll earn badges and ranks for reaching certain milestones, along with a place on the leader board!

You can view what badges / ranks at any point by logging in and viewing them on your profile.

Feel free to check out badges, ranks and the leader-board to understand what you need to do to get there!


Spending Points

For more information on how you can spend your points, see our spending points section